We make captains and stewards smile

One Clean is a company that is pioneering with the best services in the East Mediterranean.
Our vehicles are equipped with up-to-date cleaning systems for carpets, curtains, upholsteries, mattresses, and disinfection machines. 
We produce custom made tufted carpets in a variety of yarns and colors
We have certified applicators of Flamescreen ltd for Fire retarding services.
Our technicians are well trained and certified by the woolfsafe organization and the IICRC with experience in cleaning all kinds of fabric surfaces, capable of solving any kind of cleaning problem 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Carpets creation

We create to any dimension from any luxury yarn

carpet & upholstery cleaning and IICRC cleaning methods combined with e-friendly detergents

Fire Retardancy

Licenced applicators of Flamescreen Ltd


10 Days peace of mind with Bacoban

Mattresses bio-cleaning

Avoid allergies during your charter

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